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Meet Your Success Coach

Since 1995, I’ve been working as an educator of all ages, Behavior Specialist/ Coach, Instructional Coach and, more recently, a Personal Success Coach, Reiki Master, and AromaTouch Essential Oil Practitioner who is dedicated to helping people live their very best lives.  I live by a strengths-based philosophy and employ new and time-tested strategies based in neuroscience and positive psychology. 


I first became interested in personal success coaching when I found myself, having had a highly successful career in education, wanting to utilize my skills in new and challenging ways.  I began participating in coaching sessions and mastermind/ accountability groups to clarify my path and the breakthroughs were tremendous!  The clarity and motivation I developed were so strong that I launched my own business to follow my true passions and help others embrace their true just as my coach did for me! 


I hold a Master's degree in Education, have taken numerous post-graduate courses in Psychology, Counseling, Education, and Special Education and hold certifications in Life Coaching, Reiki, AromaTouch, and am a certified Canfield Success Principles Facilitator.  Personal development, healing, and guiding others towards living their best lives are my passions!


If you have any questions about my background, the methods I employ, what to expect from Success Coaching sessions, or would like to schedule a consultation, please get in touch today.

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